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Coyotes in Riverside: Keep Your Pets Safe by Installing a Fence

Most pet-owners would do anything to keep their beloved furry companions safe from harm. If you’re a pet owner, your pet’s safety and well-being is probably one of your top concerns. But in Riverside, California, [...]

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Top 3 Durable Wood Fence Materials for the SoCal Climate

Southern California is known for its generally mild climate at lower elevations, as well as mountains and arid areas that can produce some significant weather extremes. Throughout the year, conditions in the region can lead [...]

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Top 5 Aesthetic and Practical Benefits of Picket Fences

The dream of owning a home surrounded by a charming white picket fence isn’t just some antiquated notion. Having a picket fence surrounding your property is actually quite an aesthetic draw, as well as [...]

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5 Tips for Maintaining the Beauty of Your Iron Fence

Iron fencing provides a classic, yet simple appearance while creating a strong fortification for anything it encloses. Though iron fences are the ideal choice for protecting your property, if it isn’t properly maintained it will [...]

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