Top 5 Aesthetic and Practical Benefits of Picket Fences

The dream of owning a home surrounded by a charming white picket fence isn’t just some antiquated notion. Having a picket fence surrounding your property is actually quite an aesthetic draw, as well as a practical solution for surrounding your property. At All Counties Fence & Supply, we have been providing and installing all [...]

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5 Misleading Myths about Vinyl Fencing

The use of vinyl fencing is a means to attain a beautiful enclosure that is strong and durable, while being resistant to weathering. And there are so many types of vinyl fences available, that there is surely a style to fit into any budget. These are the more obvious facts about vinyl fencing, but there [...]

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5 Tips for Maintaining the Beauty of Your Iron Fence

Iron fencing provides a classic, yet simple appearance while creating a strong fortification for anything it encloses. Though iron fences are the ideal choice for protecting your property, if it isn’t properly maintained it will weather over time, downgrading some of the strength for which you selected it in the first place, as well as [...]

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