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Iron Fence Installation & Repair

Architectural & Ornamental Iron Fencing

Iron fences have a unique, majestic, and stately style. Iron fences also offer security without obstructing the view, look good in most homes and businesses, and are very durable.

Clean, sleek, reliable, and durable, iron fencing is an investment, but one that pays off. At All Counties Fence and Supply, we use premiere galvanized steel for our tubular fences, which is ideal for either paint or powder coating. The texture of galvanized steel is ideal for lasting primer bonding, ensuring that the fences we sell will retain their color and integrity.

The Benefits of Iron Fencing

Architectural Iron Fencing is more expensive than other fencing materials, but the extra cost offers benefits that make paying a little more worth it. Below are just some of the benefits that Architectural Iron Fencing offers.

  • Design: It is more than just a fence. Architectural Iron Fencing is art, and we don’t say that lightly. The individuals who create iron fence designs are genuine artisans. It can also be completely customized to fit your design preferences.
  • Safety: Iron fences provide extra security when compared to other fencing materials. Many homeowners and business owners choose to add spear-shaped finals to the tops of their iron fences, deterring would-be thieves.
  • Enhance Your View: Since iron fences use thin bars and scrolls, they do not obstruct your view. Instead, they enhance it.
  • All Season: This fencing material is extremely weatherproof, allowing it to withstand the various elements of the Southern California climate.
  • Durability: We galvanize all our iron fences to ensure it’s built to last

Iron Fence Maintenance

Iron fencing requires very little maintenance to keep it in top condition. The minimal maintenance performed will focus on keeping the surface smooth and structurally sound. You can do this maintenance yourself, or you can call us so we can do it for you. Typical maintenance for an iron fence includes:

  • Inspecting the fence twice a year for any blemishes or defects.
  • Protecting the fence from direct exposure to irrigation or chemically-treated water.
  • Trimming back vegetation so it is at least six inches from the fence.
  • Using only the recommended products on and around the fence.

Choose All Counties Fence and Supply

When you partner with All Counties Fence and Supply, you benefit from our decades of cumulative experience. We have been supplying and installing both ornamental and architectural iron fences since our business formed in 1978, and we know the ins and outs of the process. Our technicians specialize in iron fence installation, removal, and replacement. When we complete work on your property, we inspect it and ensure that you have been given only the very best products and service.

Are you ready to give your home or business the sophistication and protection that Architectural Iron Fencing offers? Then take the time to reach out to our iron fencing specialists. Our Riverside, CA technicians are available weekdays by phone at (951) 780-9300 or online via our contact form. And, of course, you are always welcome to stop by our showroom and see our products in person. We cannot wait to work with you.

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For your next fence project. Trust the experts with over 35 years of experience.

(Takes 1 Minute to Complete)