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Who Gets the “Good Side” of a New Fence Installation?

Many types of fencing have a good side—where the support elements are less visible and the materials look their best—and a bad side. If your home is like most in Southern California, you need to consider multiple neighbors when making your fencing choices. They may not be happy if the less-attractive side of your privacy fence suddenly obstructs their view. So, do you get the good side of a new fence installation, or your neighbor?

First, Check the Rules

If you live in a neighborhood with a homeowners association, you will need to abide by the established rules. Some HOAs ban fences completely, while others will dictate what types of fences are acceptable and what installation methods to use. You might even need to petition for permission prior to installing a fence. If you don’t follow HOA rules, you could end up paying a lot in legal fees and fines only to have to remove the fence.

Next, Call a Surveyor

Where does your property line end and your neighbor’s begin? Since a fence is a permanent installation, you need to get it right. Call in a surveyor to place stakes along your property line to make the borders clear and ensure your fence does not encroach on your neighbor’s land.

Then, Decide What You Want to Do

The standard procedure is to have the good side of the fence face the outside world. Yes, it’s more polite, but also, it gives your property more curb appeal. But maybe you’re not happy with the idea of looking at the rougher side of the fence all the time.

If that’s the case, better options are a fence design called “good neighbor fences.” Both sides are identical, thanks to the use of sandwich construction. This allows you to have a view you enjoy without compromising your curb appeal or angering your neighbors. As an added benefit, these fences are stronger than normal fences.

Finally, Take Care of Your Fence

Assuming that you are not splitting the cost of the shared portions of the fencing with your neighbor, you will be responsible for the maintenance on all of it going forward. This means you can’t ignore the sides that are facing your neighbors’ yards, even if it doesn’t impact your view or curb appeal.

Some fencing types require little to no maintenance beyond cleaning them from time to time. Others will need to be painted and sealed often. So, only purchase a fence if you can properly maintain it. Otherwise, it can negatively impact property values in the area.

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