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When to Repair or Replace a Fence

Many things can go wrong when you have a fence. Mold, insect damage, rust, rot, or even accidents can cause enough damage to need repairs. So, when are these problems bad enough to warrant replacing the fence, rather than just repairing it?

One Section at a Time

A professional installer like All Counties Fence will help you solve your problem and avoid the financial challenge that comes with a complete replacement. Even more, they will be able to determine whether the difficulties you have are limited to one section. If you can get away with piecemeal replacement, we will help you acquire appropriate replacement fencing.

Know your Goals

Not every fence related challenge is easy. And not every problem affects its function. If you depend on your iron fence to contain animals, and it begins to rust, no big deal. But if your wooden fence starts to turn black from mold, it won’t complement your home’s visual appeal.

These questions will help you to be honest with yourself. Even if you can get a great deal on a new fence, if your old fence suits you, you’re overpaying. Always ask: What do I need my fence to do? And: Does my current fence do it?

Know your Challenge

Certain problems are beyond repair. Suppose you live in a temperate climate, and you notice that parts of your fence are rotting. In such cases, repairs may not be practical, as your wood may already be rotting in other places.

If this is beyond your expertise, you can always ask a professional installer to inspect your fence. The larger your property is, the less chance you will notice problems as they arise. If the problem involves extensive cleaning (like mold or rust), then a large enclosure poses a significant challenge. However, cleaning could still be less expensive than a replacement.

Know your Budget

In many cases, your decision will come down to money. A proper assessment will note all kinds of damage at every point on your fence. Those damages then translate to dollar values for repairs, which then sum to an estimate. If repairs are less expensive than dismantling your current fence and replacing it, then you can move forward with them.

However, don’t forget the value of installing a new fence. By choosing installation over repairs, you not only get a new fence, you potentially get newer, stronger materials. Also, you get to consider the aesthetic of your property all over again. As a result, the added value of a new fence is something to weigh into your decision.

Count on All Counties Fence & Supply

A good fence supplier will examine your entire fence, and give you a repair estimate. You can then compare that to a replacement, with a variety of different material options. Whether you have a vinyl fence, wood fence, chain link fence, or wrought iron fence, All Counties Fence & Supply can help. Give us a call today!


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