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7 Reasons Why You Should Choose a Wood Fence for Your Riverside Home

Reasons for Installing a Wood Fence

When selecting the best fence for your home in Riverside, all the options can easily seem overloaded with possibilities. If you are still unsure and trying to figure out how to choose, here are seven reasons you can stick with one proven option: wood. 

wood fence

A wood fence, adequately cared for, can be a great long-term solution for your home. That is why it continues to be a popular choice for homeowners. All Counties Fence & Supply has served the Inland Empire, Riverside, and San Bernardino Counties since 1981, providing the best quality fencing work done by our 150 experienced employees. We set the standard for fencing with top-quality products at low prices. We are the pros to call for quality fencing and all your fence installation needs.

7 Reasons for Wood Fencing in Your Riverside Property

1. Natural Beauty and Aesthetic Appeal

A wood fence’s clean, classic look complements your home and its natural surroundings.

beautifully designed wood fence

You can use the natural warmth of redwood or the bold, rich colors of cedar, and a wood fence’s natural appeal can be a perfect fit for traditional homes and landscapes. Synthetic alternatives are several generations behind wood for capturing natural aesthetics.

2. Versatility in Design

The most significant benefit of wood fences is that they are incredibly versatile. Because you can cut wood into many different shapes and styles, you can make a fence to fit any need. A wood fence can be customized according to your wishes, from picket fences to privacy, lattice tops, or even shadowbox designs.

3. Eco-Friendly Option

Wood fencing is an excellent choice for our environment. Wood is a renewable resource, mainly if it is harvested from responsibly managed forests. Also, unlike synthetic materials, wood production doesn’t release harmful byproducts in the manufacturing process and can eventually biodegrade when disposed of appropriately, presenting a lesser negative impact on the planet. The wood fencing at All Counties Fence & Supply is made from responsibly harvested materials.

4. Cost-Effective Solution

Wood fences are a more cost-effective option than vinyl or wrought iron fences. They are initially cheaper, and unlike other materials, a wood fence can last a long time with proper maintenance, making it a good value for your money. The All Counties Fence & Supply contractors will give you the most economical options for your budget and requirements.

5. Durability and Strength

Wood fences, especially redwood or cedar, tend to last several decades. They are solid, rot-resistant, and usually resistant to insects and weather in the Riverside climate. Our crew at All Counties Fence & Supply has been installing and maintaining wood fences for over 40 years, so they can withstand high winds, heavy rains, and scorching summers so your fence will last.

6. Ease of Repair and Maintenance

Wood fences are the simplest to repair than other fences, which need some maintenance and repair. You can pull a board or a section out, replace it, and maintain the rest, so repairs are easy and not expensive. Staining and sealing the fence as part of your yearly maintenance will keep your wood fence looking beautiful and preserve your investment.

7. Privacy and Security

One of the significant benefits of a wood fence is privacy and security. A wood fence can be tall with close-knit boards, providing a solid barricade for your home. Keep out intruders and ensure any activities in your backyard remain private with a wood fence. Keep pets in the yard or relax with drinks without neighbors watching; wood fencing is a secure, sturdy option.

Deciding on Wood Fence

Choosing a wood fence for your Riverside home offers numerous benefits, from natural beauty and design versatility to cost-effectiveness and durability. As Riverside’s most trusted fence contractor, All Counties Fence & Supply has the expertise and experience to build the perfect wood fence for your needs. 

Contact us today for your free fence estimate and discover how we can enhance your property’s beauty, security, and value with a high-quality wood fence.


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